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Granny Game is a popular horror game where players find themselves trapped inside a spooky house belonging to a sinister grandmother. The objective is to escape the house within five days while avoiding detection by Granny, who roams the premises. Players must solve puzzles, find keys, and uncover hidden passages to progress, all while staying hidden and avoiding Granny’s traps. With its suspenseful gameplay and eerie atmosphere, Granny Game has captivated players worldwide, offering a thrilling and immersive gaming experience.

To play Granny Game, you’ll need to navigate through the eerie house and escape before Granny catches you. Here’s how to play:

  1. Explore the House: Start by exploring the rooms and corridors of Granny’s house. Look for clues, items, and tools that can help you escape.
  2. Solve Puzzles: Throughout the house, you’ll encounter puzzles and obstacles blocking your path. Use your wits to solve these puzzles and unlock doors or access new areas.
  3. Stay Hidden: Granny is always lurking around the house, ready to catch you. Stay hidden by crouching behind furniture, in closets, or under beds whenever you hear her approaching.
  4. Collect Items: Search for useful items such as keys, weapons, and tools scattered throughout the house. These items can help you unlock doors, defend yourself against Granny, or create distractions.
  5. Plan Your Escape: Strategize your escape route and gather the necessary items to unlock the exit door. Keep track of Granny’s movements and timing to make your move when she’s far away.
  6. Avoid Traps: Watch out for traps set by Granny, such as bear traps and hidden cameras. Stay alert and navigate carefully to avoid triggering them.
  7. Survive Five Days: You have five days to escape Granny’s house. Use your time wisely, stay calm, and avoid making noise that could attract Granny’s attention.
  8. Escape: Once you’ve collected all the necessary items and solved the puzzles, make your way to the exit door and escape before Granny catches you.

By following these steps and using your ingenuity, you can successfully navigate Granny’s house and escape her clutches. Good luck!

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